Sponsored by the McMinn Sheriff's Department

Medical Marijuana in the 21st Century

Sunday, May 18 4:30-6:00 pm
Comfort Inn Conference Room (Athens)
A FREE Public Forum discussing what is and what is not medicine from a clinical point of view.
No Registration Necessary.
This event WILL NOT address the use or legality of recreational marijuana.
An evidence-based conversation for youth and adults led by: Nathan Trentham, Internal Medicine Associates; Dick Pelley, psychotherapy; Garry Shipp, pharmacy; and Mike Womack, public health/marijuana education.
Hosted by the McMinn Anti-Drug Coalition Aiding Teens (MADCAT), McMinn County Health Council, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration; and the CASA Corridor of McMinn County.
For information, call Mike Womack at 423-920-6555.
Come and engage the panel with your questions and comments.

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Mission Statement

MADCAT's purpose is to unite community members to stop substance abuse and create positive alternatives.

• Reduce binge drinking and prescription drug abuse among teens.
• Reduce other high-risk behaviors and negative consequences for teens.
• Increase/build infrastructure to address substance abuse.
Mike Womack,Executive Director  
P.O. Box 1412  
Athens, TN. 37371-1412  
MADCAT #: 423-920-6555